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Bundled calculator - how it works

1.    Introduction Object of the "bundles" module:

This module allows you to compare the average monthly cost of the tariff plans available on the Bermudan residential market for bundles, on the basis of the information you provide for your monthly usage profile. This indicative tool can help you select a specific tariff plan from those currently available on the market and which are presented in the tariff simulator.

2.   Scope of the "bundles" module:

This module only compares bundled offers marketed under the name of "pack" or "shake" through the various sales channels of the telecommunications operators operating on the Bermudan residential market. We particularly stress the fact that the purpose of the bundles module is by no means to compare "mixed" offers, either from a single operator or from several operators.

3.   Entering your query 

The first step consists in determining which services should be included in your bundle. For that purpose, you have to click on the corresponding icons on the screen below; the icons selected will light up.  To establish which operators provide those services at the location of the connection for which you make a tariff simulation, you have to indicate the postal code of that location. Next you are asked what type of installation you opt for: either you entrust this task to a technician or you do it yourself. By default the tariff simulator assumes you opt for an installation by yourself. 

You are invited to indicate whether you want free 24/7 helpdesk support, whether you always want to have the possibility to check the status of your bill or if you want to be able to visit physical sales outlets. You can also indicate that these aspects are not important to you, in which case all the tariff plans will be displayed. The standard assumption is that these aspects are not important to you.

After entering this information, you can detail the usage conditions of the different components of your bundle by clicking on the button “Next".

Next you are directed to the various components of the bundle. To obtain explanation about those various services, please click on the components wanted and consult the corresponding help topics:

Fixed telephony

Mobile telephony